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A Feeling for Movement
Students from the Harriet and Robert Heilbrunn School at the Guild recently visited the Touch Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Museum educators introduced them to the concept of movement in sculpture. The students handled copies of ancient Roman statuary, bronzes from the Italian Renaissance and a twentieth-

century Eskimo sculpture of a mother and child as well as examples of Degas’ dancers. They were encouraged to feel the sculptures, strike the poses and then draw the movements inspired by the sculpture. Donate    Events    Volunteer 

MONTHLY Health Tip
Preventing Diabetes
Staying at a healthy weight is one of the key ways you can help to prevent diabetes. This includes staying active, eating a balanced diet, and controlling food portions. For some easy tips to jump-start your healthy diet, and controlling food portions.


When you or a loved one needs care, or assistance to live independently, the Guild is here to help. Since 1914, our focus has been improving the health and lives of people of all ages, particularly those who are blind or visually impaired.

We serve people with a wide variety of healthcare, managed long term care, rehabilitation and education services. We also help educate healthcare professionals so they can better diagnose and treat patients with vision loss.

Our goal is to help you live safely and comfortably, health and dignity as possible.

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